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 In 1998 and 99 I set out to enter the field of syndicated comic strips. These cartoons are the result of that effort. Along with the pile of rejection slips, I would occasionally receive encouraging notes. I Even managed to sell a handful of individual comics.

    Much of my work was deemed inappropriate. Syndicated comics are notoriously uptight about what they choose as acceptable to print. As a result the comics page is about as fun as an enema. Do you even read the comics anymore?

    My other problem was the amount of work. Granted I wasn't doing it full time but in 2 years I completed about 90 comics. (Not all of which are funny.) A professional cartoonist has to have 365 printable comics a year. Your deadline never goes away and you can't call in sick if your work isn't done.

    I love the medium but ultimately decided I wasn't interested. (I've moved on to collecting rejection slips in other fields.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy these (even if the crime syndicates didn't.)

   Click Here for a Sample.

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